Where other realtors will just put a sign on the yard and wait for the home to magically sell itself, we go through a whole process to make sure not only that your house will be sold, but that you will get the best price for it. 

I market my listings internationally through Proxio! Proxio is an international network of real estate professionals, where agents can find each other—by interest, specialty, language or location—and build trusted referral relationships. Proxio enables agents like me to make connections across the country and worldwide, so I can do a better job of servicing my clients.

Proxio allows property listings to be shared across a broad network of agents in many countries—converting into multiple currencies and measurements to ensure understanding across cultures, and translating listings into 19+ languages automatically—so properties can be exposed to the greatest possible number of buyers.

Using Proxio, I can promote my sellers’ properties and find properties for my buyers… anywhere in the world!

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Steps to sell your house: even before you think of putting your property in the market you should think about the following:

  • Selling price
  • Property conditions
  • Market conditions
  • Your net proceeds, means how much are you going to net from the sale of the property
  • How much will it cost to sell the property
  • Selling timeframe
  • Do the need to sell first in order to buy another property
  • Are you going to rent or buy right after the sale of your property
  • Have you found another property to live

These are some of the things you have to think before you put the property in the market trust me it will make your life easier in the transaction smoother.

Monitor the market: before you sell your house is a good idea to monitor the market so you are aware of how many properties are on the market surrounding your property that will give you a sense of the prices as well as the competition meaning how many properties similar to yours will be on the market once you decide to list your property for sale.

Selling timeframe: So many factors affect the selling timeframe of your property, one of those are: Property location, Property conditions on one of the most important selling price. It eats extremely important to take those factors into consideration before putting the property on the market. Doing it right it will achieve your goal of selling your property for the most money in the least amount of time.

Home prices: the price of the property is reached by adding a combination of factors like neighborhood size of the property number of bathroom and bathroom property conditions seller motivation and goal, once all those factors are taking team to consideration you can reach a desire selling price.

Marketing time: once you decide to put the property market timing is extremely important you need to work together with your realtor and have a clear understanding of the marketing techniques used to sell your property. One of the factors are open houses;  before you allowed potential buyers to come to your property you should make sure that the property is presentable and desirable. It is recommended to have a cretin marketing plan with date on times allocated for the property to be shown to all other realtors as well as potential buyers.

Home improvements: certain home improvements will increase the value of your property before you decide which improvement to make take into consideration the cost of that improvement and the added value to your property. Some improvements enhance the value of your property on our cost effective for example the outer areas of the property including the garden.  Those are improvement that create a first impression and therefore increase the number of potential buyers

Home inspections: before you decide to sell your house I recommend you to spend money on home inspections mainly property inspections termite reports. The cost of those inspections can range from $350 to $450 each. Once you have the inspections inspection reports you can decide how much to list your property for. The advantage of doing inspection before listing the property is that that increase the chance off selling your house without having the buyer to cancel because they discover issues with the property. Believe me ease money well spent; it will spare you the stress off not knowing what the homebuyer will find once they do their inspections.

Helping the buyer: in some situations it is recommendable to help the buyer mainly with closing cost credit, sometimes that will be a deal breaker. In certain circumstances it will create a win-win situation given that you’re able to sell your house and at the same time help the buyer.

Seller financing options: sometimes it is matter of thinking outside the box is for an instance your property if you have plenty of equity in your property but is having difficulties finding buyers. That can be used as a tool to attract the most and amounts of potential buyers; it will have to be done properly so I do recommend talking to a financial advisor as well as a CPA.

Short sales: a simple explanation of a short sale is that in order for a center to be able to sell their property, they will have to ask for permission from all the lienholders to accept less than what is owed to them in order to sell the property. As you may understand the lenders are not too happy off receiving less than what is owed to them but sometimes that is the only option it easy very cumbersome but if done properly can benefit the seller as well as the lenders or any other lien holder. Short sells may create a financial and tax liabilities so I recommend that before you serve you sell your house as a short sale to contact a financial advisor as well as a CPA.

REO’s: buying and our REO which stands for real estate owned, can be at lucrative business, in order for the property to become and REO it will have to be taken from the owner in the form of a foreclosure; meaning the seller loses the property to the bank. The bank in order to recover their asset, list the property for sale with a local Realtor.

 Buying and REO it is a little different than buying a house from the regular seller. In most cases there are none or limited disclosures about the property so it is highly recommended that before presenting an offer to buy and REO have a good understanding of the property conditions.

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Once I enter your property on the MLS, it will be seeing in the following websites increasing its exposure exponentially.

Therefore the potential for selling fast and for a good price given that will increase the competition between buyers will be very high.

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